The South African Dictionary of Finance

  • Author: Prof Mthuli Ncube , Rudy Wuite
  • ISBN: 978-1920334-02-4
  • Publication date: 1 January 0014
  • Recommended retail price: R100.00
  • 414 pages, softcover, 232 x 150mm

An essential desk reference for stock brokers, private investors, employees in finance positions, business school students, commerce students, corporate managers or anyone trying to make sense of the financial media. The South African Dictionary of Finance gives guidance of the terminology you will come across in the finance world in plain, understandable English. The rapidly evolving world of finance keeps on generating new products, ideas, concepts and language that anyone seriously interested in money needs to get to grips with. Some of the concepts are peculiar to South Africa but many are international terms. All are essential to master in the areas of finance and banking.

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