Season's Bounty

  • Cooking with nature's abundance
  • Author: Sophia Lindop
  • ISBN: 9781920434809
  • Publication date: 1 September 2014
  • Recommended retail price: R150.00
  • 160 pages, full colour photographs, softcover, 230 x 190 mm

We’re often faced with the dilemma of what to do with that glut of marrows and asparagus in the spring, the hundreds of apricots and tomatoes in the summer, the butternut and mushrooms in the autumn. Inspired by her Lebanese and Afrikaans grandmothers, Sophia Lindop gives us a thoroughly modern twist on cooking with seasonal produce available in ample quantities at different times of the year.

Whether you grow your own veggies or just want to buy the cheap, seasonal produce from your local grocer no one wants to eat the same thing all week – Sophia gives you 4 different recipes for each of the seasonal veggies or fruit. Economy doesn’t need to be boring!

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