Saving my Sons

  • A Journey with Autism
  • Author: Ilana Gerschlowitz , Marion Scher
  • ISBN: 978-1-928257-64-6
  • Publication date: 1 July 2019
  • Recommended retail price: R320.00

Ilana and Martin Gerschlowitz were an ordinary South African couple – young, newly married with bright, promising futures – that is, before autism came knocking on their door. Saving My Sons tells of a journey few parents would ever want to encounter.

Unwilling to accept the hopelessness of an autism prognosis, the couple set out to rescue their son from the fortress that kept him from them. Never giving up, Ilana spent every waking moment researching the illness until she found answers. Subsequently, drawing from international experts, she has gone on to help countless children facing learning challenges.

When autism struck again, threatening another son’s future, their mission became clear. This was not a fight they were prepared to lose.


‘This book is not just about David’s story. It’s a story of hope and never giving up – no matter the odds.’

– Ilana Gerschlowitz


You can’t read this book and remain untouched by the tenacity of a mother fighting to give her children their best lives, achieving the impossible and beyond.

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