Letters to My Children

  • Tweets to make you think
  • Author: Jonathan Jansen
  • ISBN: 9781920434342
  • Publication date: 9 March 2012
  • Recommended retail price: R50.00
  • 200 pages, softcover, format 172 x 129mm

It started as advice to his own two children entering adulthood, it spread to his students at the University of the Free State and now tens of thousands of his followers of Twitter and Facebook wait for Jonathan Jansen’s words of wisdom every day. Each day Jansen (@JJ_UFS) writes a “Letter to my children” – a nugget of advice on life, love and becoming a compassionate, thinking human being.

Jansen has become South Africa’s moral barometer in a time when leadership seems to be sorely lacking in many areas of our country which explains why this project has struck such a chord with South Africans young and old alike. Jansen talks to young people using new media but continues to give them good old fashioned advice about how to conduct their lives as strong and caring citizens who live life to the fullest.

In this book, Jansen explains his thinking behind his wildly popular Twitter campaign and shares the first 160 Tweets with his readers. The Tweets range in subject from politics, to love and relationships, to being a student and ensuring that you question the status quo. They include the following examples:


Letters to my children #3:

 Condoms break .....


Letters to my children #4:

Never under any circumstances become a politician; choose public service instead


Letters to my children #5:

Here is the secret to dealing with peer pressure--choose the right peers


Letters to my children #6:

Go to university to screw-up; how else will you learn?


Letters to my children #7:

Do not judge poor people with too many children; it might be the only gifts they have


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