Leafy Greens Cafe

  • Recipes From Our Organic Garden
  • Author: Antonia De Luca
  • ISBN: 9780620585132
  • Publication date: 9 January 2016
  • Recommended retail price: R350.00

‘I want people to rediscover the joy of getting back to basics, to eat simply again, to grow our own food – or at least know where it comes from. To savour the beauty of each fruit and vegetable, and to bring the authentic flavours of vegetables, fruits and herbs to their fullness and enjoy them for health and longevity.’


There are two things for which Italians are world-famous: passion and wonderful food, and Antonia De Luca’s family have been gifted with both. In this, De Luca’s first cookbook, she details the joy of learning about farming and cooking from her father and grandmother, who instilled in her an appreciation for the sheer delight of sun-ripened ox-heart heirloom tomatoes, fragrant fresh basil and crusty home-baked breads.


Following the success of Leafy Greens Café, whose core concept is to create a daily menu from whatever has been freshly harvested from Rocky Ridge Farm’s organic garden, De Luca presents a collection of her favourite recipes (including spinach croquettes, kale salad and Piña Coladas) to encourage a return to natural, living foods.

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