A Bantu in my Bathroom

  • Debating race, sexuality and other uncomfortable South African topics
  • Author: Eusebius McKaiser
  • ISBN: 978-1-920434-37-3
  • Recommended retail price: R260.00
  • 208 pages, soft cover, 234 x 153 mm

‘Within a minute I was absorbed in the rich, unusual style of writing; within no time I had finished the work to find myself happy, angry, sad, exhilarated, puzzled and, most of all, amused. Nobody writes like this.’

- Jonathan Jansen


Why are South Africans so uncomfortable with deep disagreement?

Why do we lash out at people with opposing views without taking the time to engage logically with their arguments?

Eusebius McKaiser is on a mission to raise the level of debate in South Africa. He provokes us from our comfort zones and lures us into the debates that shape our opinions and our society. With surprising candour and intensely personal examples, McKaiser examines our deepest-felt prejudices and ingrained assumptions. Don’t expect to read this book and escape with your defences intact.

Immensely readable and completely engaging, McKaiser tackles deeply South African questions of race, sexuality and culture, including:

  • Can blacks be racist?
  • Why is our society so violent?
  • Is it morally okay to be prejudiced against skinny lovers?
  • Why is the presidential penis so problematic?
  • Is unconditional love ever a good thing?
  • Is it necessary to search for a national identity?

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