Sophia Lindop

Farm girl by birth, city girl by marriage…the only constants in my life have always been good, wholesome food, wine and company! My love affair with food started at a very tender age. I grew up enveloped by kitchen aromas, and at five years of age began to show an interest in cooking. So, my grandfather fielded a wooden box for me to reach the stove and take up my position beside my Lebanese granny.

My late mother was a very powerful force in shaping my current ‘chefdom’! One of the things she did was to encourage me to be creative in the kitchen. My Afrikaans ouma was also a brilliant cook, and her passion for the traditional food of our beautiful country inspires me to this day.

I studied food and wine for six years before embarking on a detour that finally led me back to the kitchen.  These years of formal training really only put words to a melody that had been playing in my heart throughout my life!

I am happily married to Paddy, a dentist with whom I share a passion for good food and wine.

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