Antonia's Way

  • My Everyday Essentials for a Healthier and Happier You
  • Author: Antonia De Luca
  • ISBN: 9780994694454
  • Publication date: 1 December 2017
  • Recommended retail price: R350.00
  • 249 x 204 mm / Softcover / Full Colour
    248 pages

Antonia’s Way follows on from the success of Antonia De Luca’s first book, Leafy Greens Café: Recipes from Our Organic Garden. De Luca is not only a chef and businesswoman, but also a strident activist for healthy, sustainable lifestyles, and her new TV show and book act as a guide to healthy living from clean water to detoxing, supplements and balance. Antonia’s Way contains over 100 vegetarian recipes and is a lifestyle guide that includes:
• The history of Leafy Greens Café and Antonia’s personal health journey
• Health basics – where to start
• Gut health, immunity and ferments
• Superfoods and supplements
• Detoxing, cleansing and beauty
• Growing your own food
• Hormone balancing
• The sweet and not-so-sweet low-down on sugar
• Ayurveda and other warming foods
• Sourcing affordable, local ingredients

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